We are a team that aspires to bring out the best out of each member.  We aspire to be the best that we can be.  The keywords that describe the members of our group are: enterprising, resourceful, innovative, passionate, persistent, intelligent, creative, lively, diverse, driven, and magnetic-in the usual and in the not-so-usual-way.  Yes, we do have people with diamagnetic (are not affected by any arguments), paramagnetic (mildly influenced by arguments), ferromagnetic (in line with all the arguments) and antiferromagnetic (always have an apposing argument) personalities.  Probing questions, dissecting  discussions, and debates are hallmarks of our group meetings.  Check out our article in Nature about using debate-format to analyze literature.  Our ultimate goals are to add to the ocean of knowledge and to conquer important research problems at the frontiers of chemistry.